Florida in December

The pipers raced around as the water played with the sand, uncaring about the onlookers waiting for the sun to set. The calm waters, unlike the rhythm of the currents of my first evening in Florida, lapped in food for the small birds. The waters of the gulf shimmered in the setting sun as it does nearly every night. We walk along taking pictures and soaking up the last moments of my visit. Florida seemed almost empty with the nearly empty beaches as the snowbirds from the North were yet to be seen. A longtime friend, good conversation, quiet beaches, … Continue reading Florida in December

A Helping Hand in France

This month marks the 8th anniversary of month long visit to Europe with my mother in tow. We left Paris on a rainy day after picking up a car on Boulevard Voltaire. Leaving the rain behind we headed south for sunny Bandol France. Somewhere south of Dijon or was it Lyon, the exact location is not important, we came upon an unattended toll booth. The sign next to our rented VW had various forms of payment to be given to lift the barrier, but what I had to give had been crossed out. Having been down this stretch of France … Continue reading A Helping Hand in France

Shelling and Sunsets

As with many vacation spots in the world right now Florida is not immune to the ramifications COVID has caused on tourism. The snowbirds, as they call those from Canada, have not made their way south for the winter. The locals seem to have Florida to ourselves; at least was the case when I was on the west coast of the peninsula this past December. My great friend of many years and her companion welcomed me into their beautiful home with the warmest hospitality. She shared her love of the beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico the first night … Continue reading Shelling and Sunsets

Paris in the Rain

Paris in the rain, I have heard countless times, it doesn’t matter, you are in Paris. Just around the corner from Notre Dame and the bookstore Shakespeare and company, I ducked in out of the rain for a delicious dinner. I had seen Mona Lisa at the Louvre. I had walked into Notre Dame, contemplating confession with a French priest. Having been to Paris a couple times before, I visited new places and old. That night as I made my way back to Montmartre from St Germain, my eyes caught site of the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the night. I … Continue reading Paris in the Rain

The Barefooted Captain and Music on the Lake

Situated nearly in the middle of Switzerland is the enchanting town of Lucerne, beside the lake of the same name. The lake stretches out from the river Reuss, with the peaks of Burgenstock, Rotstock, Rigi, Fronalpstock, Stanserhorn, and Mount Pilatus reaching the clouds and beyond. Not too far away from Chapel Bridge https://www.luzern.com/en/highlights/the-city/lucernes-landmarks-the-chapel-bridge/built in 1333, we picked up a boat for a cruise on the blue waters of the lake. As we looked at all the views from the boat we noticed the captain was barefooted. What a job to have! He seemed content as he sat upon his post … Continue reading The Barefooted Captain and Music on the Lake

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has been on my list of places to visit for many years. This has been especially true after seeing “Under the Tuscan Sun,” by the writer Francis Mayes. Diane lane, playing Francis, falls for the dashing Marcello in the picturesque seaside town of Positano. Who wouldn’t want to go to the seaside town on the side of a cliff? A few hours south of Rome, just outside of Naples, is the town of Vico Equense; situated above the bright blue sea. Our host met us at the train station, so we could follow her to our two … Continue reading The Amalfi Coast

A Helping Hand in Prague

In 2013 Europe was having an epic flood. After a weekend of a reported 10 inches of rain, we were fortunate to have held on to a car with a tire issue. Having rented the car in Paris, and receiving a nail in the tire in La Spezia, Italy, I drove on with this slow leak, having to put air in it every day. Yes, this was not the brightest idea, but the car rental wanted 800 euro to fix the issue since we were in a different country than where we started. The rain had stopped but so had … Continue reading A Helping Hand in Prague

Greenwich in the Spring

Just a short ride along the Thames is Greenwich. Iconic sites of London could be seen from the nearly empty clipper this past Spring. The HMS Belfast from World War II, sits majestically waiting for all to see, against the background of Tower Bridge. The Tower of London sits along the Thames, holding treasures of the Queen, and secrets of the past. The bright green grass and blossoming flowers, with magpies courting between the trees, made for a picturesque scene, as I sat foot on the bank of the Old Royal Naval College. With a ticket in hand to see … Continue reading Greenwich in the Spring

The Quiet of London

The quiet of London is not what comes to mind when one thinks of this vibrant city. It was not entirely quiet at first, when I visited this Spring. The subway was still running, though would soon close forty stations. Restaurants still served food, but with shortened hours. The tourists were mostly gone, except for those who live in England and locals enjoying the city emptied of those from far away. The shows had all cancelled. We had booked two. Schools were still holding classes, and construction never ceased. The shops on Oxford street still clung to those who would … Continue reading The Quiet of London

Annecy, France

Southwest of Switzerland, nestled in the French Alps, is a town of many attributes. My first task after leaving my bags behind at the hotel Icone-Annecy was to get some food. A small restaurant was melting cheese then pouring it over prosciutto on soft French bread. Yum! After browsing around the various items at the market along the street free of cars, I made my way down to the boats along the canal. The clouds provided different color schemes on the turquoise water of lake Annecy. A much older couple cut in front of me as I was purchasing a … Continue reading Annecy, France