Solothurn, Switzerland

Solothurn Switzerland sits along the river Aar, and beneath the Jura Mountains.  Once a walled city, dating back before Roman times, evidence of the past can be seen, from the Roman ruins of the old wall, to the medieval buildings and fountains. There are 26 catons making up Switzerland, with Solothurn being the 11th. In the town there are, “11 churches, 11 chapels, 11 fountains, and 11 towers.” My first visit there was in the Fall of 2017. I stayed in what was once a school house, along the river. It had been turned into a hostel. The building was gutted … Continue reading Solothurn, Switzerland

Interlaken Swizterland

I set out for Interlaken in the morning after having a conversation with a very nice couple from Australia. This chance meeting has an interesting story behind it, that I will share at a later time, and has lent to many delightful correspondences over the last four years. The countryside of green pastures with cows lazily eating grass, showed me a picture that was different than the one I had envisioned Switzerland to be. The town of Interlaken sits between the turquoise waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Interlaken is a place for the adventurer, and as adventurous as … Continue reading Interlaken Swizterland

Died and Gone to Heaven

This was my thought as I swam in the pool at the B&B Coreaux Beach, overlooking Lake Geneva by the town of Vevey Switzerland. A friend mentioned his fond memories of Interlaken years ago, so when he suggested I add it to my trip in 2016, I did. Thank you Ken! This first stop in Vevey was nice. I had never seen mountains so high above a lake, and in the far distance a glimpse of the Alps could be seen. As I walked along Lake Geneva, a steamboat moved along the calm water, transporting tourists to a different time. … Continue reading Died and Gone to Heaven

A Bee to Remember; Honey and All

My friend and her son were tending to one of her many beehives, in between the blackberry bushes one day, during my visit to her house in England several years ago.  I was looking from what I though was a good distance away, taking pictures while on hold with my cellular company, to resolve an issue with my phone. When all of a sudden I saw a bee, leave the comfort of his hive, to make a “beeline” toward me. I turned around to flee just as the man on the phone came back to hear me, not necessarily screaming, … Continue reading A Bee to Remember; Honey and All

Athens and Porto Rafti Greece

The wind, usually a product of August, had made its way to Athens a couple of months early, according to our kind host at the Airbnb. Despite being a warm wind, it felt good in the hot sun. After dropping our bags into our room, a short distance away from Parliament Square, we made our way out into the heat to see the ruins. The Presidents band was marching in parade formation. A guard was seen dutifully minding his post and we fortunate enough to see the changing of the guard. We had a ticket to see the various ancient … Continue reading Athens and Porto Rafti Greece

Corfu Greece

I fell in love with Corfu Greece, before ever sitting foot on the little island, in the Ionian Sea. It is situated along the coast of Albania and mainland Greece, with Italy to the west. The “Durrells in Corfu,” series on Masterpiece Theatre prompted this love. I later learned the James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only,” was also filmed there. Shows and movies, nearly always open your eyes up to known and unknown destinations. Once landing on Corfu, after a short flight from Rome, we made our way over to pick up the rental car. Usually Europcar allows you … Continue reading Corfu Greece

Rome, Italy

Rome is city to walk and explore each little neighborhood, experiencing what each has to offer. There is so much to see. There is the traditional Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the Roman ruins of the Forum, and the colosseum. All of these are a must see. The Vatican is special even if you are not Catholic. The sharply dressed Swiss Guards stand proudly, guarding the grounds. St. Peter’s holds the tomb of Peter, the first Pope, and an Apostle of Jesus. You can attend a short mass in Italian daily, inside the church. There is … Continue reading Rome, Italy

Pompeii, and Its Nemesis Mount Vesuvius

The history of Pompeii is in-depth and does not begin with the Romans. It is a history worth exploring. Pompeii is situated next to Naples, just below Mt Vesuvius. The horrific day in 79AD when Vesuvius erupted leaving devastation, ended a prosperous life for many of those who lived there. For hundreds of years, those who bore the destruction were encased in ash over 80 feet deep, according to sources. A particular interesting account of the day is by Pliny the Younger, who lived during that time. The ruins were unlike other Roman ruins I had seen because of … Continue reading Pompeii, and Its Nemesis Mount Vesuvius

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has been on my list of places to visit for many years. This has been especially true after seeing “Under the Tuscan Sun,” by the writer Francis Mayes. Diane lane, playing Francis, falls for the dashing Marcello in the picturesque seaside town of Positano. Who wouldn’t want to go to the seaside town on the side of a cliff? A few hours south of Rome, just outside of Naples, is the town of Vico Equense; situated above the bright blue sea. Our host met us at the train station, so we could follow her to our two … Continue reading The Amalfi Coast

Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is situated on volcanic ground in the providence of Umbria, in Italy, north of Rome. Its history goes back to the Etruscans’, before the Romans. At the top of the town sits a cathedral, Santa Marie Assunta, dating back to the 14th century. Cars are not permitted in town, but you can drive up, then park just outside of the closed streets. If you choose to arrive by train, the town can be reached by a funicular at the bottom. Last year I learned of the mother of a friend who fell in love with this region. She … Continue reading Orvieto, Italy