About me


I consider myself a world traveler, though my main focus has been Europe. This will change over time as I dream of new destinations to explore. I have so many interests and there just isn’t time in a busy schedule to accomplish all of them. With travel I can touch on many of these interests. The historian in me wants to soak up all the history I can from the places I visit. The artist in me wants to see works of art in the museums, the galleries, and even the churches. The chef in me wants to experience the food of the region.  My interests go beyond this with the love of the architecture as it has changed through times and the ruins of the past preserved. All of past and present can exist in one place at the same time, as seen in London for example. When I travel I soak up of all of this, to take my memories with me as I return to every day life. When I travel, despite having to navigate through a language I do not know, or various other obstacles that come my way, I leave life behind and focus on the now. The now of whatever it is that I am seeing or experiencing. There is a rejuvenation that takes place and for the most part carries me over to the next trip. In the meantime I dream and plan for my next adventure.