Paris in the Rain

Paris in the rain, I have heard countless times, it doesn’t matter, you are in Paris. Just around the corner from Notre Dame and the bookstore Shakespeare and company, I ducked in out of the rain for a delicious dinner. I had seen Mona Lisa at the Louvre. I had walked into Notre Dame, contemplating confession with a French priest. Having been to Paris a couple times before, I visited new places and old. That night as I made my way back to Montmartre from St Germain, my eyes caught site of the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the night. I walked along the seine, telling myself it was best to walk above it since I was alone. Was it stupid to walk the streets of Paris alone at night, yes, but I did it anyway. Common sense told me to stay out of the Jardin of Tuileries as I made my way to the Concorde metro stop. The grand sculptures stood watch in the night, but the emptiness told me to visit again during the day as I had some years before. During the day there are little tables and treats to be had, to sit and watch the people pass, and to share a crumb with the birds. The picture of the Eiffel Tower is a blur, probably because I did not linger long enough to take properly. Back in Montmartre the Sacre Coeur Basilica called me toward it; for it stood lit up on the hill above me, and I knew there would be another view to see. The city of lights as Paris is called, is a spectacular site to behold.

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