The Barefooted Captain and Music on the Lake

Situated nearly in the middle of Switzerland is the enchanting town of Lucerne, beside the lake of the same name. The lake stretches out from the river Reuss, with the peaks of Burgenstock, Rotstock, Rigi, Fronalpstock, Stanserhorn, and Mount Pilatus reaching the clouds and beyond.

Not too far away from Chapel Bridge in 1333, we picked up a boat for a cruise on the blue waters of the lake.

As we looked at all the views from the boat we noticed the captain was barefooted. What a job to have! He seemed content as he sat upon his post at the helm of the boat. We passed the concert hall, the musician Wagner’s home of 6 years, and looked up to the mountains that encircled the blue waters. Later that summer the concert hall would host the Lucerne Music Festival, and my friend would go see Glen Hansard, a favorite musician of mine.

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