Solothurn, Switzerland

Solothurn Switzerland sits along the river Aar, and beneath the Jura Mountains.  Once a walled city, dating back before Roman times, evidence of the past can be seen, from the Roman ruins of the old wall, to the medieval buildings and fountains. There are 26 catons making up Switzerland, with Solothurn being the 11th. In the town there are, “11 churches, 11 chapels, 11 fountains, and 11 towers.” My first visit there was in the Fall of 2017. I stayed in what was once a school house, along the river. It had been turned into a hostel. The building was gutted then a steel structure with light wood floors, cabinets and beds were installed. The window of my shared room looked out onto the river.

My friend picked me up the next morning for a day of sightseeing. We had already walked around the medieval part of town, where I was staying, the night prior. That morning fog covered the town, but as we climbed by car to the top of Jura, we rose above the clouds to see green pastures dotted with cows wearing bells around their necks, and a magnificent view of the Alps.  The view was breathtaking. On the deck of the restaurant overlooking Solothurn, a slender board with a map of the Alps, allowed for easy matching of each range.


Back in town we took a walk around the local castle built from 1682-1686, in Italian and French Baroque. A well tended garden is situated out front with another view of the Alps. A wedding party occupied a room on the second floor, but we were still afforded a look around the other rooms below. One of the pictures resembled a coworker of mine. He was not happy with my observation upon showing him.

That evening we ate cheese fondu at This was my first experience with white French dressing, I now make for my salads. The food was delicious and the company was great. I am told cheese fondu is not a meal for warmer months. Last summer my friends husband shook his head in dismay when he learned of us having it for lunch.

To be continued…………….

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