Solothurn, Switzerland

Solothurn Switzerland sits along the river Aar, and beneath the Jura Mountains.  Once a walled city, dating back before Roman times, evidence of the past can be seen, from the Roman ruins of the old wall, to the medieval buildings and fountains. There are 26 catons making up Switzerland, with Solothurn being the 11th. In the town there are, “11 churches, 11 chapels, 11 fountains, and 11 towers.” My first visit there was in the Fall of 2017. I stayed in what was once a school house, along the river. It had been turned into a hostel. The building was gutted … Continue reading Solothurn, Switzerland

Interlaken Swizterland

I set out for Interlaken in the morning after having a conversation with a very nice couple from Australia. This chance meeting has an interesting story behind it, that I will share at a later time, and has lent to many delightful correspondences over the last four years. The countryside of green pastures with cows lazily eating grass, showed me a picture that was different than the one I had envisioned Switzerland to be. The town of Interlaken sits between the turquoise waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Interlaken is a place for the adventurer, and as adventurous as … Continue reading Interlaken Swizterland

Died and Gone to Heaven

This was my thought as I swam in the pool at the B&B Coreaux Beach, overlooking Lake Geneva by the town of Vevey Switzerland. A friend mentioned his fond memories of Interlaken years ago, so when he suggested I add it to my trip in 2016, I did. Thank you Ken! This first stop in Vevey was nice. I had never seen mountains so high above a lake, and in the far distance a glimpse of the Alps could be seen. As I walked along Lake Geneva, a steamboat moved along the calm water, transporting tourists to a different time. … Continue reading Died and Gone to Heaven