Athens and Porto Rafti Greece

The wind, usually a product of August, had made its way to Athens a couple of months early, according to our kind host at the Airbnb. Despite being a warm wind, it felt good in the hot sun.

After dropping our bags into our room, a short distance away from Parliament Square, we made our way out into the heat to see the ruins. The Presidents band was marching in parade formation. A guard was seen dutifully minding his post and we fortunate enough to see the changing of the guard. We had a ticket to see the various ancient sites around the vast city, though all within walking distance. There are various companies out there offering a day pass. With a handy map, a guide is not needed, unless you want.

Nut vendors had a variety of nuts to sale in wagons on the streets. My favorite was the caramel and sesame covered ones. For a euro a bag I could buy several to nibble on as we made our way around the sites.

Acropolis is perched high upon the hill overlooking the vast city. The walk up is not as strenuous as it appears it would be. A pair of black heels were left at the top; obviously left by a visitor who clearly had not thought the climb to the top through. All of Athens and beyond could be seen. Acropolis seen during the night offers a different perspective than that of the day. One can imagine what it must have been like to have lived during the 5th century B.C., and have walked within the walls of these amazingly preserved buildings perched on Acropolis.

To be closer to the airport for a morning flight, we booked an apartment in Porto Rafti. Our host picked us up at the metro stop prior to the airport. He drove us past the brilliant blue water crashing waves on the white sand beaches, as the trees blew in the summer breeze. Later in the evening we walked down to a suggested restaurant where Greek was the only language on the menu and even the dogs look both ways to cross the busy road.

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