Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is situated on volcanic ground in the providence of Umbria, in Italy, north of Rome. Its history goes back to the Etruscans’, before the Romans. At the top of the town sits a cathedral, Santa Marie Assunta, dating back to the 14th century. https://www.orvietoviva.com/en/ Cars are not permitted in town, but you can drive up, then park just outside of the closed streets. If you choose to arrive by train, the town can be reached by a funicular at the bottom. Last year I learned of the mother of a friend who fell in love with this region. She decided, while on vacation here, to come back to America and retire. I visited the town with my friend last year, as we made our way through Italy. As we walked through the medieval streets, I realized just why someone would want to retire to this hill town. This year I had the opportunity to meet this adventurous, lovely lady. Visit the town and see for yourself just how wonderful it is. Little family owned restaurants are scattered throughout, offering good food. Friends sit in the piazza sharing good conversation. Life stands still, when most of the time it seems to move too fast. We all could use a little of life standing still.

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