Valencia Spain

Valencia is a large city on the east coast of Spain, but has a small town feel. Life is at a slower pace, and people seem happy. We stayed at La casita de Palomar. The apartment was perfect,and was located on a quiet street near the edge of what was once a walled city. Two gate houses from days gone by still exist to explore for a small fee.

Just around the corner from our apartment was the famous Mercado Central. The huge market has everything you need: fresh fish, other meats, cheeses, fresh bread, fruits and vegetables, candies, and many more goods. What fun it would be to go to the market everyday for fresh food.

The bull fighting ring resembling the Roman Colosseum is fitting with Valencia’s history as a Roman City over 2000 years ago.
We only had a day in Valencia, but made the most of it walking around looking at the architecture, and soaking in the sun. Later in the evening I had dinner with a wonderful person, and talented writer Sion Dayson. She has her first novel coming out in September. It was a treat to meet up with her and a friend of hers for good conversation.

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