Vienna (Wien) Austria

When I first arrived into Vienna one thing that stood out to me, as the bus made its way to the station, was how tidy it was. Everything seemed to have a place.

After checking into my pension the receptionist walked me to the building that housed my room. was a key to get into the building then a small elevator to take me to the floor. The building appeared to be empty of inhabitants, though I knew this couldn’t be true. The room was small, but it had all I needed. The large windows opened into a courtyard with an apartment across the way with its inhabitants getting on with everyday life.

I went in search of food, and found a church, St. Peter’s, offering a night of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi. So I bought a ticket and went across the road to eat while waiting for showtime. People were going past in horse drawn carriages. Tourists were settling in to an evening a good food and fine conversation.

Back in my room later that night while writing in my journal, someone tried to open my door, and then I heard a couple go into their room next door then realizing they had made a mistake trying to get into my room. I did call the reception desk since it did rattle me some and the owner of the place assured me Vienna was a safe city.

The next morning I ate crepes in the Volksgarten. Afterward I bought a ticket to see a concert (Konzerte) at the Hapsburgs Schoenbrunn Palace; a short metro ride from the city centre. https:/ Though I did not tour it, other than what I saw during the show, I do think it’s worth a see. Before the show I had Vienna’s version of goulash at the little restaurant on the premises. The palace orchestra played music of Mozart and Johann Strauss. Periodically two operas singers would make an appearance. It was a magical night. I walked back to the pension that night, and was happy to hear my neighbors home. Though I could not understand them, there was comfort in knowing others were around.

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Vienna is known for Schubert, Strauss, and Mozart. You can visit one of the places Mozart lived during his lifetime. Vienna is also known for the famous Lipizzaner horses, and the artist Gustav Klimt.

Jews of Europe endured hardships long before the Nazis. The Jewish Museum of Vienna shows that strife. During the time of Hitler they had to give up everything they owned and loved to include the city they loved, to flee what was to come even before knowing from what it was they were fleeing. Your tour of Vienna would not be complete without a visit there.

I wanted to see a show at the opera house, but it was not open the nights I was there. The Vienna philharmonic is one of the best orchestras in the world.

Vienna Austria is truly a special place. You can walk everywhere, or take the train or tram.

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