Vienna (Wien) Austria

When I first arrived into Vienna one thing that stood out to me, as the bus made its way to the station, was how tidy it was. Everything seemed to have a place. After checking into my pension the receptionist walked me to the building that housed my room. was a key to get into the building then a small elevator to take me to the floor. The building appeared to be empty of inhabitants, though I knew this couldn’t be true. The room was small, but it had all I needed. The large windows opened into a courtyard … Continue reading Vienna (Wien) Austria

Budapest, Hungary

My arrival into Budapest, was not exactly a happy one after finding out the airline left my suitcase in Rome. They assured me the suitcase would be delivered the next day to Avenue Hostel where I was to stay. Yes, another hostel, but for $43 I stayed three nights in the heart of the city, in walking distance to most sites. Between my book bag being left in the rental car in Venice, and the airline leaving behind my bag, I was going to be in need of some clothes. I saw numerous places to shop as I left the … Continue reading Budapest, Hungary

Padua and Venice

Galileo, famous for his ideas in the field’s of astronomy, and physics did most of his research at the University of Padua in 1604. The Roman historian Livy was born in Padua in 59 BC. He gave a great account of the history prior to his life, but also a great interpretation of Roman life during his lifetime. It is said he was friends with Emperor Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome. Padua is also famous for the Basilica di Sant’ Antonio, known as a place of pilgrimage to thousands of Catholics every year. Though flooded most days with tourists, … Continue reading Padua and Venice

Colorado Springs

In May of 2018 I moved my son out to Colorado. We hitched a ride with a friend going out there to leave his suv so he could move his lovely girlfriend East soon after. We loaded up a uhaul and took the 23 hour ride. This post will not be of that ride except for the pictures you see, but will be about our amazing excursion to Pikes Peak. Pikes peak stands 14,115 ft high, and is a part of the glorious Rocky Mountains. There is a cog railroad that takes you to the top. It was under repairs … Continue reading Colorado Springs