Salzburg Austria

I left Nuremberg and headed to Salzburg on a bus. For the last couple of vacations I have used The app is efficient, the fares are cheap, the bus is comfortable and it is clean. It is one of the best modes of transportation I have used other than driving myself.

After arriving to my stop on the edge of the city, I picked up a local bus to my accommodation. The Sishaus-View at Mozarts is a guesthouse/Airbnb/Hostel rolled into one. The host was delightful. If you do not have breakfast, Jasmin, the owner, will leave a packed lunch in the refrigerator, outside of the room. I took mine on my train the next day. She rents a couple of floors in a beautiful building where Austrian physicist Christian Doppler, of the Doppler effect, was born. I almost always use to make my reservations, because of the free cancellations, the reviews they offer, as well as the opportunity to pay at the time of my stay. http://www.airbnb is also very convenient. Just type in the Sishaus-View at Mozarts at 1 Makartplatz, Altstadt, 5020 Salzburg, Austria, and Jasmin will make your stay delightful. It is just across the street from the State theatre, and the Mirabell Gardens.

Salzburg is a beautiful city no matter what time of the year. It is the birthplace of Mozart, the backdrop to “The Sound of Music,” and a perfect example of Baroque architecture at it’s best. I decided to go back for a visit, after having been there in 2013 during a flood. Fortunately because of the rising water of the river, after 10 inches of rain that weekend, we stayed just outside of town in the real Von Trapp House, that is now a B&B. You can find it on
Christmas in Salzburg is a treat. Snow blanketed the ground. The views along the river were picture perfect.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is perched above the small city, and the views from there are a sight to behold. Tickets can be bought prior to arrival, or the same day. I took the funicular, a cable car to the top, but you can also walk up. The castle/fortress dates back to 1077. It is a must see, not only for the views, but for the fortress itself. The preservation of it is astounding. At the end of my tour there was a small museum of puppets. Austria, and Germany are known for these shows of the past, when children could enjoy a little show of folk music, costumes of the period and whimsical stories passed down through the years.
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The Christmas market is throughout the city centre, with stalls full of gifts to be bought, as well as something for yourself. http://www.sternadventat Shops are decorated for Christmas as well.

Mozart was born in 1757, and would live in Salzburg, his birthplace, for half of his short life. Though he is one of my favorite composers, I did not have time to visit his home in this city. This will be on the list next time.

A stay in Austria is not complete without a Wienerschnitzel. I sat down to a nice meal and a hot tea across the street from Sishaus, in a café inside of a grand hotel. I will be back to this quaint little city; that is a promise I made to myself.

Check out the gallery for more wonderful pictures of this enchanted place.

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