My friend Janie, who graduated from Oxford, suggested I visit the University’s Bodleian Library to do research for my book. I went online and found I could apply for a library card that would be good for week; if only I had that much time. I boarded a train at Paddington in the morning for a little over an hour ride to Oxford. The main Library was a short walk, and would be where I would have to present why I wanted to do research there. The history faculty’s library located in Radcliffe Camera, was also accessible, which was really exciting to me. https://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/bodley/find-us/radcliffe_camera
Oxford University was founded in 1200 and boosts having the world’s largest academic library according to a guide book I found while walking up High St at the end of the day. For hundreds of years after being founded colleges would be added to the University. As of today there are 38, as well as an online component. If you get nothing else a out of this post, maybe you can enjoy the architecture of the University. As I walked around I wished I could have attended there. Maybe I will take an online class one day or a seminar one summer.

I took a break from research to eat lunch across from Radcliffe Camera at St Mary’s Church café. The food was warm and delicious.

After seven hours of research in the libraries I made my way toward the train station for a night ride back to the city, vowing to myself to visit again when the weather was warmer. Spring in Oxford might just be a good idea.

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