Munich Germany and Dachau

The two hour train ride from Salzburg to Munich was scenic with the snow covered the landscape. I looked out the window while eating my lunch made by my kind host Jasmine, at the Sishaus-View at Mozarts. A lady across from me plugged in her tea kettle and made a cup. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, in the southern part of Germany. It’s history is extensive. To know all of it could take a good part of a lifetime to study. You have the occupation of the Romans, the settlement of monks, Charlemagne as the 1st Holy Roman Emperor, … Continue reading Munich Germany and Dachau

Salzburg Austria

I left Nuremberg and headed to Salzburg on a bus. For the last couple of vacations I have used The app is efficient, the fares are cheap, the bus is comfortable and it is clean. It is one of the best modes of transportation I have used other than driving myself. After arriving to my stop on the edge of the city, I picked up a local bus to my accommodation. The Sishaus-View at Mozarts is a guesthouse/Airbnb/Hostel rolled into one. The host was delightful. If you do not have breakfast, Jasmin, the owner, will leave a packed lunch … Continue reading Salzburg Austria

A Mournful Memory of Notre Dame

I remember stepping into Notre Dame feeling complete awe. It was 2016, and I was there for vespers. There was a chill in the air from the light rain that evening. Despite being vast in size, I felt a comfortable warmth about it. Now I wish I had walked in there the other two times while in Paris. The lines were long and there was so much to see elsewhere. Tonight as with most who love Paris, I am sadden by the devastation of such a beautiful, historic, iconic place. My heart goes out to the people of France, and … Continue reading A Mournful Memory of Notre Dame

Nuremberg Germany

After a short plane ride from London I landed in Nuremberg. The first thing on my agenda was to buy a Nuremberg card that would give me access to public transportation for the next two days as well as entrance to the museums throughout the city of Nuremberg and the neighboring town Furth. My stay was in what was once the stables of the Imperial castle, but is now a grand hostel; the Jugendherberge Nurnberg. After a ride from the train station on a tram I walked toward the castle. A concrete bridge now takes the place a draw … Continue reading Nuremberg Germany

Last Day in London

My last day in London started with a walk to Selfridges Department Store. The department store was founded in 1908 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. The multilevel department store, taking up a city block on Oxford Street in London, was a marvel to behold when it first opened, and still is over 100 years later. People of London could walk in and socialize, as well as see the goods right before them instead of ordering from a catalog. The windows, as well as the displays on the floor, were all designed around the concept of Santa and his rock and … Continue reading Last Day in London


My friend Janie, who graduated from Oxford, suggested I visit the University’s Bodleian Library to do research for my book. I went online and found I could apply for a library card that would be good for week; if only I had that much time. I boarded a train at Paddington in the morning for a little over an hour ride to Oxford. The main Library was a short walk, and would be where I would have to present why I wanted to do research there. The history faculty’s library located in Radcliffe Camera, was also accessible, which was really … Continue reading Oxford