The Sweet Smell of Blossom’s at Sunset

Tonight I will deviate from my last trip to Europe to share my evening in Washington DC. My friend Gretchen and I were on our way home from a long day of teaching a class of PA students Advanced Cardiac Life Support. We decided to take a detour to see the Cherry Blossoms. Check out the history of the cherry trees; a gift from Japan.

15th St NW nearly at a standstill. Food trucks lined the street with owners hoping hungry tourists would pick up a quick snack. I jumped out of the car to get us hotdogs and a soft pretzel as Gretchen continued to inch along in the traffic.

Kites could be seen flying in the air, as was the President’s helicopter, landing at the White House.


The scene of the sunset behind the Washington Monument with the American flags encircling it, was spectacular. The Cherry blossoms were in full bloom. The night was warm and the sweet smell of the blossoms filled the air.
The water in the tidal basin shimmered as paddle boats with happy families paddled across it.

The sun peeking over the horizon shed its last bit of light through the Jefferson monument; the statue of the man himself stood as if he was looking proudly down on the cherry trees that lined the basin.


As we entered Virginia the Pentagon and the Air Force memorial were catching the last rays of light. We added extra time to our commute home tonight, but we had so much fun laughing and singing, people watching, and taking in the views of the beautiful trees around the memorials. Our hearts and minds were full of happiness and contentment.

2 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Blossom’s at Sunset

  1. Buffy, this is such a beautifully relaxing story. There is a lot to enjoy traveling afar and so much to appreciate in our own backyard. This is the story of Spring!


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