To Start off

Having never been to Europe during the holidays, I thought a trip was in order this past December. So I set off for England, Germany, and Austria to experience the festivities of the season. With apparel appropriate for the winter climate, I set out to meet friends via the use of the underground, to meet at Sky Garden. What better way to start off a vacation than to go above London for an amazing view.

Landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London look so small below. To see them from above is truly breathtaking. Wembley Stadium could be seen in the distance; remembered as the venue for Queen’s dramatic concert for Live Aid July 12,1986. We would see Bohemian Rhapsody later that evening at the movie theater in Swiss Cottage. My son later remarked, “you go all the way to London to see something you could have seen at home?” I answered with a yes; how poignant to see where it all happened for Queen.

A walk around London, off the beaten path, is a good way to see every day life. While searching to find the Columbia Road Flower market in Shoreditch,, we knew we were close when people could randomly be seen with flowers in their arms. The street was packed with people browsing the market. Christmas trees were being sold, right off the trucks. The smell of pine was in the air. There were stands of tulips, flowering kale, orchids in shades of purple,white lilies, and fresh wreaths for the door.

As we continued to walk, street murals decorated buildings here and there. Needing a place to warm our bodies as well as eat, we stopped into Dirty Bones Shoreditch. This American cuisine establishment was in a historic building that looks as if it has always been there, with a welcoming friendly atmosphere.

The day ended with Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought sure after a long day walking around London, after having left the day prior from Washington Dc,I would fall asleep, but the movie was so good, there wasn’t a chance of that. What a good end to the first day in London.

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