A Day Around London

With the help of the book, “33 Walks in London You Should See,” by Nicola Perry, my friend found at the Waterstones Bookstore in the Piccadilly neighborhood of London, we set out for a delightful day of various walks around the city. It was a chance to see a part of London I hadn’t seen, and a revisit to a parts I had seen; now with decorations of Christmas. Regents park, even in winter, is a beautiful place. The park was nearly empty that morning as a mist of rain dampened the air. It was as if we had the … Continue reading A Day Around London

To Start off

Having never been to Europe during the holidays, I thought a trip was in order this past December. So I set off for England, Germany, and Austria to experience the festivities of the season. With apparel appropriate for the winter climate, I set out to meet friends via the use of the underground, to meet at Sky Garden. https://skygarden.london What better way to start off a vacation than to go above London for an amazing view. Landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London look so small below. To see them from above is truly breathtaking. Wembley … Continue reading To Start off